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Diverse Thinking

We find solutions by introducing new perspectives.

Together with you, we develop strategies that are successfully reflected in changing markets. We develop solutions tailored to your company and implement them: by transforming the organisation, developing products and services, and expanding existing and entering digital markets.

Prospire delivers more than results: With our individual consulting, we achieve sustainable results so that your company and your employees are strengthened in the long term.

We think entrepreneurially and independently and are not afraid of uncomfortable realities. Our team brings together personalities with multiple years of professional experience in leading management consultancies and large corporations. This enables us to approach issues from varying perspectives.

Insight Marketing Management in a Recession

Dennis Flad | Darren Woolley | Jeremy Taylor | Julian Barrans | Nathan Hodges

Insight David against Covid: Performance management to fight the second wave

Author: Dennis Flad

Insight Restructuring of modern trade finance

Authors: Damien Taets van Amerongen | Florian Köller (Synpulse)

Service Organisation and Leadership

Auf die Strategie ausgerichtete Transformation des Unternehmens.

Insight Kryptowährungen: Herausforderungen & Chancen für klassische Finanzdienstleister

Autoren: Eric Stehli | Dennis Flad

People Damien Taets van Amerongen

Prospire Principal

Service Toolbox for Start-ups and SME

Unterstützung von Start-ups und KMU in der Unternehmensentwicklung und im Wachstum.


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