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Dr. Ege Tufan | Prospire Consultant

Strategy, Innovation and IT-Transformation

Companies often face complex problems that are the starting point for new paths into the future. Understanding the complexity and identifying these opportunities is Ege Tufan's passion as a consultant. He joined Prospire from a start-up in the MedTech sector, which he co-founded. Before that he worked for an international consulting firm focusing on innovation and IT transformation. He holds a PhD in political science from the University of Oxford.

"Even if everyone agrees, everyone can be wrong." (Bertrand Russell)

Solving a problem means following arguments and methods, not the hype. Recognizing the nuances and finding the solution with the greatest added value for his clients is what motivates Ege Tufan every day anew. His experience in the field of innovation development and program management has taught him two points in particular. First, an iterative and collaborative approach fosters innovation that resonates with people and motivates them to accept change. And second, it is crucial to find the right path between excess and deficiency to deliver the best quality with the resources available.

"Virtue is the golden mean between two vices, the one of excess and the other of deficiency” (Aristotle)

Aside from his consulting work, Ege Tufan is writing a novel and is very much interested in contemporary literature and philosophy. He likes to dive into newspapers and magazines and sometimes he also writes for them, such as brandeins or Neue Zürcher Zeitung.



  • Strategy development
  • Innovation in ecosystems
  • Product design and requirements
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Process design and automation
  • IT transformation and projects

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