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Darren Woolley | Prospire Associate | Global CEO TrinityP3

Marketing Communications Performance and Productivity

As the demands and requirements on marketing communications continues to evolve, marketers are embracing new strategies and new channels to grow brands and financial growth. Darren Woolley is known as the Mr Wolf of Marketing Communications for his expertise in improving the productivity and performance of marketing communication by assessing and analysing the the strategic communication requirements of the marketing strategy and ensuring the ‘go to market’ structure and process is aligned to deliver the desired outcome.

We cannot solve the marketing communications challenges we face with the same thinking and processes that created them.

Darren Woolley has a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science and worked in medical research before entering the advertising industry as a creative writer, becoming a creative director. It was this combination of analytics and creativity that led him to launch TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants in 2000. In the past two decades he has worked with some of the world’s largest brands and also many emerging brands to maximise the productivity and performance of their marketing communication investment.

Complexity means that marketers are looking for fresh and independent approaches to the myriad of challenges they are facing.

Applying a qualitative and quantitative approach to defining the challenge or issue he then uses design thinking to develop multiple bespoke solutions and works collaboratively with his clients to agree the ‘best fit’ solution.This includes solving issues with supplier roster structures, agency selection, contracts and agency fees with a focus on improving the productivity and performance of the marketing communications investment.



  • Marketing performance management
  • Management, marketing and agency alignment
  • Media Transparency and value
  • Rosters and renumeration optimization
  • Agency research and selection
  • Ethical and sustainalbe marketing solutions


  • Any kind of industry
  • Any kind of marketing discipline
  • Any kind of media discipline


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